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              Vision, mission & values

              About Autocraft
              State-of-the-art production ĘC from one source
              Autocraft is one of Asia's most advanced fastener manufacturers.
              The company specializes in the production of high-tensile automotive fasteners while also offering a complete supply solution for all types of industrial fasteners.


              Autocraft's high-tech manufacturing facility in China operates with computerized production lines, automated sorting, packing and warehousing to ensure superior product management and 'on time' delivery performance.

              Through a vertically integrated
              productio-n system, Autocraft controls key production processes 'in-house, from raw material processing through the annealing, wire drawing, cold heading, cold forming, thread rolling, heat treatment and surface treatment.

              Autocraft's main China manufacturing plant is strategically situated in the south of Shanghai, in the Nanhui Industrial Zone, with a direct highway link to the Yanshan container port - the world's largest and most active deep-water port.
              In-line with IATF16949 standards, the company's advanced quality management (AQM) system involves optical sorting and layered QC inspections to maximize production efficiency while eliminating non-conforming results.

              A multi-cultural team of international experts and leading specialists from China, work together to ensure world-class product quality, maximum production efficiency and customer service - unrivalled anywhere else in Asia.
              The facts
                Location   Nanhui Industrial Zone, Shanghai - China
                Plant area   88, 000 m2
                Product range   bolts, screws, pins and rivets
                Main field of application   automotive, construction engineering equipment, high speed railway, military industry, etc.
                Other field of application   heavy equipment, machine building, electrical and electronic equipment, building
                Production capacity   5000 T / month
                Employees   700+
                Production facilities   raw material processing, annealing, cold forming, cold heading,
                thread rolling, secondary operation, heat treatment, surface treatment,
                layered QC, optical sorting, automated packing and warehousing
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