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              Shanghai Autocraft Co., Ltd.
              No. 168 Nanlu Highway, Pudong New Area,
              Shanghai 201300, China

              Tel: +86 21 3818 1100
              Fax: +86 21 3818 1199

              for general inquiries
              Email: info@autocraft-china.com


              Autocraft USA LLC
              5145 Northview Lake
              Cumming,GA 30040

              Tel: +1 404 328 5969
              Email: gordon.anderson@autocraftusa.com

              How to get to Autocraft
              Approach by car from the expressway:
              Leave A2 (i.e. S2 Hulu Expressway) at Hunan Highway Exit and turn left to follow the Hunan Highway until you reach the junction of Hunan Highway, Nanliu Highway and Nanlu Highway. Turn right and follow Nanlu Highway. You will find us on the right-hand side accross the YUANDE Road after about 2 km drive.


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