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              Quality assurance
              Quality Certificates

              Integrated production
              World - class production - Autocraft Integrated Manufacturing System

              The Autocraft Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) involves a series of
              vertically integrated production processes, optimized through computer-based
              control systems throughout all our manufacturing steps.

              Customized production - complete range
              We offer world-class production of automotive fasteners and innovative special fasteners. In order to provide a complete service, we also offer a extensive range of standard industrial fasteners to complement our specialized service portfolio.

              Internal raw material processing
              Powered by the latest annealing furnace technology, we process our raw steel within the Autocraft plant. By doing so we avoid decarburization of the wire and are able to guarantee the best raw material for cold forging anywhere possible in China - an essential requirement for delivery of stabile quality products for long-term customers.

              Advanced quality management (AQM)
              Advanced quality control is part of the Autocraft Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) which includes layered QC labs at every process final testing and optical sorting to ensure quality perfection for every order.

              Innovative services

              Supported by international consultants, our engineering team is able
              to offer clients key technical support throughout the entire production process: From 3D modeling throughout testing and simulation, we create exactly the products customers require.
              Our design and marketing team can tailor comprehensive branding, packaging and merchandising solutions for industrial supply groups and international retailers.

              Superior product management
              We achieve superior delivery performance through our automated sorting, packing and automated warehousing which is linked to an online system that can provide customers with real-time data on production and shipment status.
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